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After having a tiring research of two years on the best portable vaporizer, we go through more than 48 vaporizers, face to face interviews with experts, lots of tests and going deep as much as possible. Now we are able to suggest you 7 best vaporizers for satisfying you. The main features which are the gems of any best portable vaporizers are qualitatively present in following recommended vaporizers like easy setting of temperature and cleaning too. Perfect smooth and fresh flavor are at the top of the list. Davinci IQ/MIQRO is above all of the recommended best portable vaporizers with a large number of satisfying customers. Davinci IQ is achieving remarkably best selling result on behalf of their good performance.

1 : Davinci IQ/MIQRO $199.75

The davinci is extremely well known for making portable vaporizers from last five years. They introduced almost five versions but their third version mark great named compact micro. The ceramic parts produce the original flavor of the given herb. On the other side the inter vapor part with cooling mouth piece give smooth vapors. It produces enough clouds to take you on leisure side where you can enjoy the real quality of a dry herb vaporizer.

As strongly you can pack it, the micro’s air flow can work much better. It has two mouth pieces one is flat and the other is 10mm long than it. This is helpful in reducing the chance of any burning. The Davinci IQ/MIQRO is proving to be the best portable vaporizer. It is having the quality of ultra portable size. It is ¾ Shorter than Pax 2 and about ½ time taller than Magic Flight lunchbox. It is very convenient to carry for personal use. Another reason why you go for this dry herb vaporizer is the correct and simple way of putting the herb on its smooth surface by slowly tapping the side of vapor.



Flexible temperature control.
Minimum in weigh only 3.7 OZ / 104gw / battery.
USB charging provided.
Davinci IQ is smaller in size and a pocket able portable vaporizer.
5 year warranty.
Low in price.


Complicated temperature setting for beginners.


When you are looking for the best portable vaporizer? Than you can easily choice Davinci IQ/ MIQRO due to its qualitative features. Only 30 seconds are required to heat it properly. Its battery charges in 45 minutes. The flexible temperature control that starts from 350 F to 410 F can manage the heat well with the help of the power button. As far as the cleaning matter is concern it is not at all a difficult task. For oven only alcohol and cotton swap is required. Soap water is quit enough to clean the vapor path easily. The MIQRO is available in two kits. One is Standard Bundle and Explorer’s collection is the Second one. But a large range of competitors are present on the market with valuable products. Choice is all yours.

2 : Pax 3 $199.75

Best Portable Vaporizer

Why we choose Pax 3, obviously because of its unique and outstanding design. We can find a large range of dry herb vaporizers in the market but among all it is best selection for you. Its remarkable small size is helping to carry during different activities as hiking, snowboarding and many more. Its total weighs is 93 grams that is really a great achievement in technology of making dry herb vaporizers. Another rising feature of it is the lesser time to heat up. The Pax 3 takes 15 to 20 seconds to heat up.


The lip sensing technology is working to take you towards the finest feeling when you are using it. This can easily set the required heat. It is an improved version of Pax 3. Its battery work almost around one an half hour before requiring recharge. The use of new charging dock provides best charging.



  • Bluetooth enabled.

Quick heating quality.
Advance lips sense technology.
Smartphone app.
Large range of setting moods.


High price as compare to other huge competitors.




The lips sensing technology, availability of Bluetooth and smart phone apps with other dynamic features of this device can justify its quality to choose it among other best portable vaporizers. But its high price creates some hesitation to select it.  

Firefly 2

  • The best reason to choose Firefly 2 is its perfect timing and the wide range of temperature up to 400 degree. This dry herb Vaporizer needs only 3 minutes to heat up and spread the final and strong strokes from the plant and herbs you used. You can enjoy the best ever taste from of your given plant or herb. This best portable vaporizer brings a new ranking experience in your life.

But the new version of firefly is not able to capture the market as Firefly 2. Because there are some complains related to this version like about its size, less control on temperature and low capacity of battery. But new firefly is almost 35% small in size, at least 50% lighter and carry advance temperature control technology with long battery time. It is almost same like other best portable vaporizers in heating technology to compete them well.

It doesn’t take to long to heat up, in few seconds its start working like other dry herb vaporizers. If you are crazy in finding out the best portable vaporizers. Then you should definitely consider it.

Above all this it is might be the right choice to enjoy the best portable vaporizers which is featuring with best qualities to get the real worth of your valuable money. Even it is high in price.


  • App enabled.
  • Advance vaporizing technology.
  • Best providing heating time.
  • Long battery time.


High in price.
Complications in temperature settings.




By Choosing this vaporizer means that you are able to enjoy the advance vaporizing technology, getting good heating timing with long battery life which can increasing your comfort level. The other side of the picture is not as bright to choose it because the using technique of this dry herb vaporizer is mostly depend on personal draw technique. If you draw fast you become irritate. This point is enough to think before you go for it.  

Boundless CF/CFX

best portable vaporizer

Boundless CF/CFX has introducing the best available range for amazingly low price dry herb vaporizers. They are affordable and great in quality as compared to their huge competitors. If the rich man enjoying the top brands then a middle class is not deprived from it. This dry herb vaporizer is a highly impressive in design and quality like other top most brands. Its size and out look is almost same.


For the new beginners it is a right choice to start with it. Because of its affordability in price rather then other dry herb vaporizer. They are providing two type of dry herb vaporizer one in small and another is available in bigger size featuring with more then four various temperature modes. It is smaller in size with non-replaceable battery that works till almost 50 minutes.


The bigger one boundless CFX is having OLED which is helpful to select the required temperature. The battery inside this dry herb vaporizer is non replaceable and will work till 60 minutes.

Ultimate result you will get is definitely satisfaction in low affordable price as a newcomer.



  • Best in quality and price.
  • Right selection for beginners.
  • Available in two sizes.



  • Issues related with water pipe adapter.
  • Herbs are not clear neatly from mouthpiece.
  • Battery indication is not fully maintain.  




Although it is a good choice because of its affordability level and a good start for the beginners but no existence of battery indicators leave a big mark on its quality. This becomes the worse cone of this portable vaporizer. When you are not able to sure about your timing than how can you reach at the satisfaction level.  

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